DJ Donovan


INT001 - Blue E.P. - Osmosis / Freon 98.9 remix / Acupuncture.
INT002 - Part 1 E.P. - Women respond to Bass / The Scythe.
INT003 - Part 2 E.P. - Tecnico / The Prick / Bonus Beat.
INT005 - Caligula.
INT006 - Mechanical Universe.
INT007 - Mr. Office Album
INT008 - Cavida Album
INT009 - Seismic E.P.
INT010 - Periodic Projects

Sample Pack 01 - Free!


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Originally from Los Angeles, DJ Donovan had a nomadic start to his musical journey. It was in 1996 at the early peak of the rave scene where he was discovered by the Black Magic Records crew in Atlanta. He moved to New Orleans where he worked with DJ Voodoo and The Liquid Method on projects for the Black Magic Records label. During his time there, he DJ'd for prominent promoters such as Disco Donnie's "Freebass Society". After about a year releasing a number of E.P.s and remixes for Black Magic, ESP/Sun, Adrenalin, and Tricked Out, he moved to Phoenix, Arizona to attend the Conservatory for Recording Arts and Sciences. While in Arizona, he laid the groundwork for Intellihance Records and his first release on blue vinyl found its way to the Astralwerks "Unknownwerks" project. He continued to DJ at many of the raves in the Phoenix area and also worked with Swell Records on the "Schizophrenia" release. After graduating from C.R.A.S. he moved to New York City to work in well-known recording studios such as Quad and Sound on Sound Studio. DJ Donovan continued to release 12" vinyl E.P.s such as the "Part 1 E.P." and the "Part 2 E.P." which featured tracks such as Tecnico, The Scythe, and The Prick. He collaborated with Thomas McCluskey on Illegal Beats which was released on Sifted Recordings. After a short break from music, DJ Donovan has returned with 2 full length albums, "Mr. Office" and "Cavida" in addition to a number of E.P.s.

Cavida Press Kit

1996- Intellihance Records/Hydrotik LLC